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We welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss the potential acquisition of any metals industry-related company. We specialize in developing creative solutions with Sellers to accommodate specific needs in underperforming situations. If you have an interest in divesting a company or division, contact us at

  1. Financial Stability
    Re-capitalization of any newly acquired company is often an essential element in creating a more stable platform and provides greater operational flexibility, thereby enabling each casting company to compete more effectively in the modern global economy.
  2. Professional Sales & Marketing
    AMG’s subsidiaries currently provide a broad range of aluminum castings and iron castings to a number of industries. The various sales executives work together to provide each other support in meeting the needs of over one thousand currently active customers. Their ability to meet the diverse metal, process, engineering and geographic needs of customers is a key to the high customer satisfaction ratings.
  3. Best Business Practices
    Our commitment to decentralized management and bottom-line control results in key executives meeting regularly to manage joint sales and marketing efforts and establish proven, best practices throughout our companies. The shared perspectives and experiences of key company employees are essential to increasing productivity and quality as we continuously seek for better ways to satisfy our customers.
  4. Lean Manufacturing
    AMG is committed to introducing Lean techniques into every aspect of the company’s iron casting and aluminum foundries in order to improve quality and delivery and increase employee productivity. Lean has become the cornerstone of AMG’s business strategy. Lean training not only provides our employees with the necessary tools and techniques to deliver outstanding service, but the ability to remain competitive through a companywide commitment to continuous improvement.
  5. Change, Incentives and Rewards
    We seek and embrace positive change. Clearly, foundries that fail to adapt to the perpetual nature of change in the global economy will suffer the consequences. Our strategic and long-term approach to reinvestment and rewarding outstanding performance provides our management teams with the necessary tools and resources to accomplish our corporate mandate of profitable growth through continuous improvement.
  6. Accountability and Control
    Each foundry in our group is a fully functional, independent company with bottom-line accountability and control. Our managers establish and set aggressive, but realistic goals to achieve each foundry’s business objectives. We insist on an open and honest line of communication with our employees and customers to make sure that our clear, customer-focused objectives are being met and that our actions are consistent with our words.

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